Naturdiamant (ND)

Naturdiamant ND

Natural Diamonds (ND) are carefully selected, no impurities, no cracks, high hardness and wear resistance to ensure a long service life of the die.
Natural Diamond (ND) is formed naturally in the earth’s crust under high temperature and high pressure. It is the most hard material in known materials. Due to its extremely rigid lattice structure, impurities such as boron or nitrogen may be infiltrated into the formation process.
The natural diamonds we use are strictly selected to ensure their purity.
The Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Die is made of high quality die core, which has the advantages of uniform texture,strong wear resistance,high finish,high precision and long service life.It can ensure the surface finish and accuracy of wire rod and the production range of die inner diameter in the long drawing process 0.008mm-2.00mm.
Natural Diamond is the material with the best surface finish of all materials.Its high hardness and wear resistance ensure the service life of the die.