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Tungsten Carbide Dies are a wise economical choice for the steel industry as well as the nonferrous industry in applications such as bunching or stranding large diameter cables. It has been used in the wire industry for many years.
Tungsten carbide, also known as cemented carbide, is composed of tungsten carbide particles and cobalt. Tungsten carbide is a kind of non oxidizing cemented carbide, which can maintain the hardness similar to corundum or gem even at high temperature.
Cemented carbide, abbreviated as WC or TC, also known as sintered cemented carbide, cemented carbide, or tungsten carbide cemented carbide, is a metal matrix composite material. The cemented carbide particles are polymers, and metallic cobalt is used as the matrix. It is a non-oxidizing ceramic that can withstand high temperatures while maintaining a hardness comparable to corundum or sapphire.
Cemented carbide wire drawing dies are usually used to make wires or rods in areas of high abrasiveness and high carbon materials, so that PCD drawing dies are not cost-effective. Cemented carbide drawing dies are successfully used in applications requiring high heat resistance and impact resistance, or in small batch or short-term applications that require testing.